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Login failed for user 'DOMAIN\WEBAPPS-PROD$'.[Client: IP_ADDRESS] This is the computer object attempting to authenticate. This tells me that there is something running as a non-domain account attempting to access SQL Server. Since it's a web server, most likely it's an webapp running in a pool using windows authentication and not properly setup with a ...


The error is telling you that the reference count to the interface is > 0, so something is still using the interface. The error is generated in the netdev_wait_allrefs function in /net/core/dev.c in the kernel. There could be a bug in the code of the kernel, but as you said, those references were all much older versions and no one else has reported ...


After various days of troubleshooting , it turns out that the issue with because I was using an outdated version of VMWare. Updating the VMWare to its latest version solved this issue for me

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