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You can use SATA drives with these servers. The SAS interface is also SATA compatible. However, the reverse is not true. The biggest concern with using SATA disks in such an old server/controller is that the SATA link speed will likely be 1.5Gbps instead of 3.0Gbps or 6.0Gbps. Used SAS disks aren't expensive. I'd really recommend considering those ...


The MD1000 is a "JBOD" enclosure. The device that it connects to gets presented with access to all of the hard drives. If the device is a PERC 5/e controller, the card can manage the drives for you in RAID sets, and present Virtual Disks to the OS. With a SAS 5/e card though, you would end up seeing every single hard drive separately in the OS (if it even ...

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