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You have one drive in a RAID that is misbehaving, and producing occasional errors? Sounds like a hardware problem, and one that is likely to get worse. You should consider replacing the drive. Yes, it's expensive, but how much is your time worth, and how bad would it be if the entire drive went south at an inopportune moment?


Can you see the SMART information for the individual disks via the Disk Utility? Look at the Pre-Fail checks & see if anything stands out. This will indicate a failing physical device. Is the disk that's producing the errors in a RAID group with other disks? If not it may be the file system and not the drive or, depending on the layout, could be the ...


Well, there is a reason Dell writes a comprehensive technical guide for these kind of systems: To answer that kind of question. See http://i.dell.com/sites/doccontent/shared-content/data-sheets/en/Documents/dell-poweredge-r510-technical-guide.pdf Spoiler: It supports only one full length card.


If you are expanding the existing arrays, you will need to use 15k SAS drives. Mixing different speeds of drives in a single array will lead to strange results - at best, everything will slow down to the speed of the slowest drive. NLSAS drives are basically 7.2k RPM SATA drives with a SAS controller on the drive, so they are much slower. If you are ...


Interesting question from a customer/end user perspective. My advice is not to use the HP DL380 G5 systems for anything today, if you can avoid it? They are unfavorable for power, performance, support and compatibility reasons. A few examples: RAM is very limited on this model. Any SATA SSD used on a Smart Array P400-era controller (2005-2008) will be ...

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