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You can find this information in the release notes. For T620 (iDrac firmware version 1.57.57) To launch Virtual Console using Java plug - in, only JavaWebStart versions 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 from Sun (Oracle) is supported. Any other versions or any other installations are not supported. For PE2950 : JRE version 1.6.0 or later needs to be installed ...


Try this from the command line: racadm racresetcfg If you have the DRAC tools installed, it'll reset your DRAC to factory defaults. If it fails, you're stuck rebooting the server.


Check your KVM. Remove the USB keyboard and monitor connections and see if it makes a difference. And see: HP ProLiant DL360 G7 hangs at "Power and Thermal Calibration" screen


The Dell R900 is a quad-socket RAM and CPU-optimized server platform. The internal disk place is limited because it's intended to be connected to some form of shared-storage. PCI-X is defunct. This is not a server you'd want in your home. 5TB internal storage: There isn't much space for disk inside the chassis. Yes, this can be connected to an external ...


To use 16GB of memory you will need XEON processor and a quantity of (4) 4GB sticks that are dual ranked and use a x8 data width (2Rx8).


I have setup WOL on the R410 / IDRAC6 servers for similar reasons. The WOL is activated via a powershell script which wakes the servers in a very specific order as we have clusters and servers which depend on other systems being available first. While unable to schedule a power up on individual servers I accomplish this by having a Locally connected ...

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