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(Some people are hard to please...) These are likely system exhaust vents and fit into the total design of the product. Please understand that the system is designed and optimized for rack mounting in a proper enclosure with separation between hot and cold air aisle. These servers are designed to be placed in adjacent rack units, and there's a small gap ...


To give an anecdotal response; the 840 Pro did work on the H310 when I tried them. The problem is, especially the firmware of the H310 has a ridiculous low queue depth preset and because of this may (depending on your work load) suffer from a terrible I/O performance. You have a chance to change that, through cross-flashing the controller to get rid of the ...


From this "Verified Answer" by DELL, the S6/i only supports 2 TB-sized disks at most.


Those holes are IMHO there to allow the air to keep venting in the event a person fills the expansion slots. Cards in expansion slots don't have vent holes so each care is removing venting real estate. Plus, if you are racking properly, the servers shouldn't actually touch each other. Granted the gap is small but it's enough to allow air to pass through ...


Servers aren't really intended to be stacked directly on top of each other but for mounting in a 19'' cabinet. Typically there they don't quite touch and those vent holes won't be (completely) closed off. For their actual purpose, I can only guess... Either to allow airflow and prevent excessive pressure differences when the main intake and outflow aren't ...


just to add to this. on idle my TWO dell PowerEdge 2800 systems use around 40 - 60 watts, and when they're on only around 200 - 250. I was extremely surprised because the power supplies are 900 watt and there's two of them. no idea why a server that will only use up to 300 watt needs a 900-watt power supply.

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