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I think you will need a sound-proofed rackmount cabinet which is purposely designed to enclose noisy equipment, such as servers, audio and networking equipment, etc. A sound-proofed rackmount cabinet traps and absorbs unwanted noise generated inside. But I see that you have already found a cheaper way of reducing the noise level. I think that's good too.


I was able to perform the same process adding two new drives with a Perc H310 controller on an exsisting Raid 5 configuration. I did notice that when I began to run through the Reconfigure task in the Virtual Disk settings, it defaulted to "Raid 0" - watch out. I had to manually select Raid 5 to ensure that the drives showed up properly as unallocated space ...


I just ran into this issue with my 2950 server. In my case, it happened when I added a new quad port gigE adapter to the machine. I already had a dual port gigE adapter on the same pcie riser (on the left side looking from the front). If I took the dual port card out the error went away. I'm taking a guess thatthe problem is that the riser doesn't actually ...


From the spec Maximum Internal Storage 2TB (2 x 1TB) SAS 2TB (2 x 1TB) SATA You really can't use the backplane ? as I would assume the powersupply can't supply more than those 2 drives efficiently


You need DDR2 registered ECC memory. Any consumer type non-registered, non-ECC simply wont physically fit in the slot - the notch between groups of pins is in a different place. If you dont care about warranty or support you dont have to use Dell branded modules - most memory manufacturer sites will let you pick your server and show you compatible RAM. Or ...


Why would you ask the internet about this? There's so much WTF here, that I don't understand where to start!! This question shows a fundamental lack of understanding of hardware, RAID arrays, storage, monitoring, and general IT best-practices. I read this question and can't help but think: Who is actually responsible for this server hardware? Where is ...


With RAID 5 you can only lose 1 disk and have your data remain available. You have lost 3 so you will need to rebuild the RAID and then restore the data from backup. We have a canonical Q&A about RAID levels that may help your understanding.

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