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A Dell representative responded to me and said there are no upgrade kits for the R730xd. According to them, "Due to differences between the multiple chassis models offered with the R720XD, the chassis option must be selected at the point of purchase and cannot be changed or upgraded at a later time." While this is not a direct answer to my original question ...


Sadly, but call Dell is your only option. I have access to open waranty call, and even from their system we have no piece number, we need to give the servicetag and describe the faulty piece and they ship after. When like you we need special piece for out of warranty order we need to contact our dell representative. If you live in canada you can contact ...


Please provide more details about your current raid configuration. If you used all disks for RAID-0, then you'd better backup everything important and start from scratch. But, be aware that you won't be able to create 2 RAID types with 2 disks only. Cheers!


I monitor LSI raid controller by MegaRaid and strocli. Easy to use. LSI 1078 SAS OEM IBM MR10xx have the same ship(LSI SAS 1078) with Dell PERC6. Monitoring MegaRAID Controllers in VMware StorCLI Installation unter ESXi 5.5 und ESXi 6.0 Because LSI 1078 is too old, I think megaraid is a good choice.


Well, right up front, let me tell that the outlook is not good. 10:1 (at least) that your motherboard is bad and needs to be replaced. The standard troubleshooting approach to this problem is to remove components from the motherboard until you find the one that causes the boot failure. For these symptoms, I would start by removing all the components - PCI ...

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