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You don't need to use Dell tapes, LTO types are compatible, just like old school floppies etc.


I would search on the official Dell part number. It's not about the OEM for RAM like this. It's about the compatible part numbers (from Dell's perspective). Buy SNPX3R5MC/8G.


The spec indicates the max size possible using Dell proprietary disks offered for that server at the time, so it is largely irrelevant. The actual limit is 2TB per disk for the Perc5 (and many other controllers) but there is nothing stopping you from using a newer raid controller that supports bigger disks. An H700 for example is not supported but will work ...


USB and Serial connections don't support daisy chaining on any hardware without some kind of hub. A cheap USB hub or serial port concentrator connected to the monitoring PC would work fine. Alternatively, you could always purchase and install the management cards yourself. Might be worth the investment as they would then be network accessible to any PC.


This question is on the borderline of shopping, but I can tell you our experience with those servers. Dell, like any other server vendor, wants your unborn children for upgrades after you've bought a server. My solution was to replace all the RAM in the system with Kingston system-specific memory, which have a lifetime guarantee and is 100% compatible. ...

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