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First thing - firmware is firmware (hardware) and drives are software components in the running OS. Please use the correct terms. Yup, read the release notes for each component and find out if it depends on a specific firmware version of another component. Make sure that the CMC (Chassis Management Controller) in the chassis itself is also considered when ...


No, this is not possible. Citing Wikipedia: An Ultrium drive reads data from a cartridge in its own generation and at least the two prior generations. An Ultrium drive writes data to a cartridge in its own generation and to a cartridge from the immediate prior generation in the prior generation format.


Most of the drives I've seen are backwards compatible one level for reading, meaning that an LTO-5 can read LTO-4 (but not LTO-3 or below). However they can only write at the level of the drive. I believe it is hardware, not software, so I don't think it can be upgraded. I've never seen any, they've always had to be replaced. Correction: I was off by a ...


I went through several forums trying to find an answer for this. I tried several of the suggestions but what ended up working for me was disabling IDE. I noticed that I was also getting a "CD-ROM failed to load" message and so figured I didn't need it anyway. After this the F1, F2 prompt went away. Hope this helps someone.


Look in your manual page 41 Identification The identification screens display the following UPS information: Type and model Part number Serial number UPS firmware Network Management Card firmware NOTE: The NMC firmware screen displays only if the Network Management Card is installed. See “Dell Network Management Card“ on page 56 This seems to be from the ...


Maybe the Video-Adapter was disabled in BIOS? Sometimes people disable the onboard video after setting up ssh and/or use COM instead because you don't want to carry a monitor+keyboard to your server room when you got a laptop (only few servers allow disabling of the primary video if there is no secondary present, though). Try the following to reset BIOS to ...


Well, I ended up figuring out what the problem was (but now on to a new problem, will post a new question). It turns out the Admin before me attempted to setup MDT in the past apparently, and there was a name stuck in DHCP/DNS exactly as I named the new server. So once I deleted it, it boots to PXE just fine! Thanks you all for your help! I'll be ...

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