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Use the Dell support site to see what the configuration of the shipped server was by inputting the service tag (get the service tag remotely wmic bios get serialnumber ) Connect to the out of band management controller (iDrac) Run racadm hwinventory Use Open Manage Server administrator talk to the pci bus lspci and talk to the bios dimidecode in the end ...


Spoke to an Enterprise Associate at Dell and there are two solutions to this: The older H200 card has a different protocol that may not be compatible with the newer R330 server and should be replaced with either a PERC H330, PERC H730 or PERC H830. Disable "Press F1 to Continue" message in BIOS Settings -> Miscellaneous Options. I will try to disable ...


You can use /etc/fstab to mount your raid volume to /var/lib/vz and whalla! Format you raid volume to whatever your like, EXT4, ZFS, whatever, and attach it via the FSTAB. I did it that way, and it works well for me. PS: If you already have stuff at /var/lib/vz, move it to the raid volume before you attach and reboot.


Enabling Intel VT makes CPU hotter, I've had a Desktop and Laptop that have had this behaviour, both with stock CPU coolers. I'm refering to Home Computers but it's the same feature. I know that AMD-V comes enabled by default, but I don't know if it makes CPU hotter.

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