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If you are expanding the existing arrays, you will need to use 15k SAS drives. Mixing different speeds of drives in a single array will lead to strange results - at best, everything will slow down to the speed of the slowest drive. NLSAS drives are basically 7.2k RPM SATA drives with a SAS controller on the drive, so they are much slower. If you are ...


It's possible that the disks being read from to calculate the "resync" data are encountering some bad blocks during the process. Since you're using RAID50, if you encounter ANY bad blocks from any drive in the "half" (RAID5) that is rebuilding, it automatically results in a URE (referred to by Dell as a "puncture"). I say I suspect this because you're ...


Check Device Manager > Network Adapter and check the adapter properties. Under the Advanced tab, I usually turn off Green Ethernet and Energy Efficient Ethernet, or any other energy saving feature. Also check the Power Management Tab and un-check the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". By default, Windows power setting is set to ...


The DELL PERC H730 is based on the LSI 3108 Chipset, and since this chipset supports disks larger than 2TB and SAS3 communications I can't see reasons for this controller won't work with those Seagate NL-SAS 4TB discs. What you should consider is the cabling used on this card, since SAS3 cards uses the new SFF8643 connector.


Unfortunately for me using 32bit java didn't help. But I found this one in iDRAC7_1.66.65_A00_ReleaseNotes.txt: * Issue 53: On servers with RHEL 5.x operating system, after upgrading to Java 1.7.0, attempting to launch the Java Virtual Media, Virtual Console, or Boot Capture plug-in results in an “Unable to load Native Library” message, and the ...


Make sure that you wait for the page to reload when you check/uncheck a policy. To make sure a policy is enabled, open the NAT policy in question and verify that "Enabled" is checked at the bottom of the window. Try rebooting your Sonicwall after that and see if they come back properly.


Q: Can layer 2 switch ports be configured as VLAN trunk ports? A: Most certainly. VLAN's are a Layer 2 construct. Q: Do I have to set both ends of the trunk as a trunk? A: Yes. A few things to note: You need to make sure that both sides of the trunk have the encapsulation configured as 802.1Q. I can't give you specifics on how to configure the trunk on ...

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