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Is this switch buggered? Maybe. Should I replace it? Yup. :) It's a fairly inexpensive piece of equipment, and with the instability you've seen, it seems like a no-brainer to replace it. Perhaps before replacing though, it would be worth re-flashing the latest firmware.


The PERC6 supports migrating from a single-disk RAID-0 to a 2-disk RAID-1, with the only documented requirement being that you add an additional disk of equal or greater capacity. You will need OMSA (OpenManage Server Administrator) installed to pull this off - I don't believe the PERC BIOS gives an option for RAID type conversions or expansions. If you ...


You can use Dell Repository Manager which will allow you to download drivers/firmwares for specific server models. It will allow you to export these drivers/firmwares as a bootable Linux ISO image, burn it and use it to update your servers. Alternatively you can export the drivers/firmwares as Dell SUU (Server Update Utility) packages to some directory ...


I restarted the dsm services and was able to login with active directory credentials.


The disks will be backwards compatible with earlier generation SAS. So the speed would just downshift to 3Gbps. However, since your server and PERC controller are old, it may make sense to find some period-correct SAS disks. Either way, the 2TB disk capacity is also supported. That is the maximum for the controller.


I know, this is a problem because it is nowhere in the help or documentation of the DELL switches (as so much more is not). But, regarding to a post in the DELL Support community (I am unable to find the link right now but will update as soon as I found it), the possible results are: No Cable — There is not a cable connected to the port. Open ...


I restarted IIS and then it let me login with my domain credentials. Good Luck.

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