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Even when installing with the Life Cycle Manager you need drivers and those of us using this as an ESXi host and installing through vSphere don't really have that option. I think this link will provide you with what you need. As you mentioned you DON'T need the exe files.


You probably need a helper-address to be defined in the VLAN that's not receiving DHCP. I don't know the exact syntax for your switch, but something like: ip helper-address Where is the IP of the DHCP server or Sonicwall.


Baiscally this is: YYYYMMDDhhmmss.Timezone YYYY Year four digits MM month two digits, zero padded DD day two digits, zero padded hh hour of day, 24h-system, zero padded mm minutes, zero padded ss secondy, zero padded The part behind "." is most probably the time zone in relation to UTC or GMT.

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