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I had the same thing happen to me on a R620 and the Dell tech said that the P/S firmware update can take up to 15 Minutes and durrning that time your server will shut down and be off. If you pull the plugs or try to boot the server durring that time you can corrupt the firmware. It would be nice to be warned about that.


I believe if it was RAID-1, both drives should be the same, with normal partitions, filesystems and files. You should be able to stick one drive in another computer and access the data. Of course it's possible that not all RAID controllers/software work the same way, but I have seen it work this way before. It couldn't hurt to take a peek.


That's going to need a service engineer, power down the blade and get Dell or wherever in to look at it, it's not something you can fix sorry.


The M620 is a blade server. The entire OOB management will be residing on the management board(s) of the chassis (M1000e?). This seems to be iDRAC too, just as with Dell's standalone machines, so XenServer's documentation on remote host poweron still applies which tells you to install the Dell supplemental pack as well as the RACADM command line utility.


I had a few servers running at home too, and for me, most of the noise came from the power supply. The server I had at the time had 2 power supplies. I took one out and it was much quieter. The fans on my power supply where more noisy then the system fans. Check the BIOS to see if you can control the fan speed to reduce noise. For the most part, for ...


This is an enterprise-class server. It's doing what it was designed to do... You're using it in a manner in which it was not intended... I wouldn't recommend altering the hot-swap fans or power supply fans. Options: Buy an appropriate system for your environment. Place the server in a more suitable environment. Buy a 4U GizMac XRackPro2 acoustic server ...

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