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/usr/local/bin/denyhosts_unban #!/bin/bash if [ -z "$1" ]; then echo -e "Error:\n\tProvide IP as the first param" echo -e "Usage:\n\t$0 <IP>" exit 1 fi /etc/init.d/denyhosts stop echo ' /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-restricted /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-root /var/lib/denyhosts/hosts-valid /var/lib/denyhosts/users-hosts ...


Looking at this previous serverfault question, I suspect that you could use fail2ban to do this. I don't see an obvious way to count emails from senders, though. You might indeed be on your own for scripting this. Also, are you doing greylisting with milter-greylist? That could help reduce the spam volume as well.


Dont underestimate the number of entry a RBL can return too. Like SORBS list DHCP range. I tell that as you gonna hit a iptables limits/bottleneck. Some says its around 25k on a 32bit system. Edited: A hypothecal example: If one of your customer get black listed, that would mean he cant send you email request (wich is normal) and he wont be able to go at ...


Here is why I think that is a terrible idea: Contrary to what you seem to believe, spam RBLs aren't a particular good or well-liked concept. They are in widespread use only because their contribution to the anti-spam fight outweighs their numerous drawbacks (often just slightly). I am sure you have heard about errors, outages and other problems related to ...

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