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Replace exit 1 by return and insert a line before fi with exit 1. Update: Try this with a GNU grep: #!/bin/sh -e set -e error_exit() { d=$(date '+%D %T :: ') echo "$d Error: $*" >&2 exit 1 } out="$(sudo service nginx reload 2>&1 | grep -o fail || true)" # new if [ "x$out" = "xfail" ] # ...


Ok, looking at your edit #7, you have two errors: Firs, you're missing <JoinDomain>somedomain.com</JoinDomain> with your domain name filled in. Second, you need to remove the <ComputerName>%MACHINENAME%</ComputerName> line. That should get you working.


You are still missing either the Credentials setting or the Provisioning setting. See AccountData for how to use UnattendedJoin without entering credentials through Provisioning.


Capistrano is not implemented to support the use case you describe. You can try setting the git variable to include sudo (set :git, 'sudo git'), however you will then likely run into the issue of your forwarded authentication key not being available to the sudo'ed git command. Perhaps a more fruitful strategy involves adding your user to the group of the ...

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