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You can use gpedit.msc to accomplish this, just like you are alluding to in your link: Run gpedit.msc from the run line (WIN+R) on the server. Then go to the settings in the picture above. Then change it to Enabled. You'll need to reboot the server afterwards. (Also you might be able to do the normal Charms/Personalization option if you install the ...


In order to be able to manage the f%&cking icons on your desktop, you need to enable the Desktop Experience feature. It looks like someone in Microsoft thought "wise" to include everything even remotely related to the user experience in this optional feature, which is of course not enabled by default on server systems; this includes: Desktop themes ...


If you go to Control Panel and search for desktop common icon, the search will narrow down to one item under Display: Show or hide common icons on the desktop. From there you can choose to show or hide the Recycle Bin, This PC, etc.


i think this topic will help you Click here http://blogs.technet.com/b/askds/archive/2014/02/17/adding-shortcuts-on-desktop-using-group-policy-preferences-in-windows-8-and-windows-8-1.aspx

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