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For virtual machine, the physical video memory of your server is not used, so it's not a problem. And besides, on servers, you don't do graphic intensive stuff, you only display a linux console or a windows desktop with low graphic needs, unless you're planning to use your server to do 3D stuff, but in this case, the graphic cards is so important that you ...


The amount of video memory is dictated by maximum screen resolution you expect to use. I think ESXi provides some sort of calculator with their client but rougly it is screen_width x screen_height x 4. I usually set 16mb as it is good enough for up to 4K resolution, so your 32MB is a plenty. Update: Based on your comment I think you are missing an important ...


Assuming a Windows desktop, this is straight from the horse's mouth: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn319078.aspx Pretty much everything, if they have auditing set up.

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