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I've just moved away from a DFS-R environment because of the very reason you described above. Locked files are impossible to deal with and causes all kinds of conflicts especially if both servers are being used like a proper failover (so users are hitting both servers at once). To me, DFS-R is decent for replicating over WAN/VPN connections to remote ...


Yes and no, keep a delay between the sync to be sure to not sync a erase or a corruption. It's only a good way to keep file you don't want to loose, but it's a minimal "backup" scenario. I would host that server in another location and on a local storage. (as I does not know your SAN topology)


It is not designed for DR. Not in this way - in this case the user is the problem. I am not sure anything will handle that nicely. DR also is a crappy scenario it will happily replicate a virus encrypting your files (or deleting them).


The Security Event Log and auditing object access would be the "supported" way to do this w/o adding third-party software. There's no built-in functionality, otherwise, that would do what you're looking for. Searching for files by date isn't a bad idea (you could get a Win32 port of the Unix find utility to help with that) but you can't absolutely ...

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