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This is an old thread but maybe someone could benefit from my comment. There is a service called Distributed Link Tracking Client that finds a file that was moved or renamed on an NTFS network share (KB312403). This works for shell shortcuts and OLE links as well. We had a similar problem when we moved folders on our DFS share. The experience was that ...


Based on the shared storage requirement I assume it's AlwaysON FCI (Failover Cluster Instances) The easiest solution for you would be deploying a virtual SAN. Virtual SAN will take the local storage of the 2 SQL nodes you have and present it back to them as a highly available virtual disk. Now if one of the SQL cluster nodes fail you still have one live ...


Windows Server does not support shared-nothing Failover Clusters as of yet. You need a shared device which would support SCSI reservations to serve as cluster storage (in any kind of role). This is going to change with Windows Server 2016 which is introducing Storage Replicas: Storage Replica is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview that ...


You ca also use DFS with two servers and local storage. Just configure the DFS correctly. I'm sorry, but I cant provide more Infos at this time.


You could rename the share on FS1, so if they type \FS1\Folder1 it simply won't work anymore. DFS will use the new share name that you assign, and so the only way for them to get there would be through DFS.

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