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The relevant line in dhcpdump was: CHADDR: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 It appeared that the motherboard was faulty, which resulted in the lack of MAC address during PXE boot. In turn, this meant that all the DHCPDISCOVER requests from the client machine were sent without a valid CHADDR, and so never reached the DHCP server, for the ...


Okay,the setup does actually work. The iptables rules had not been saved after a reboot (Doh!)


Openvpn tun is not intended to transport layer2 traffic as the one involved in DHCP setups. Even if you manage to configure a DHCP relay on the other side (work around) you'll have then to set routes properly.


in my case the DNS & WINS servers were pointing to a different IP address. To solve this i just put in the cmd terminal ipconfig /all and it gave me the correct IP address. Then i just replicated this config manually on my NIC. Hope this helps.


To obtain a summarily list, you can use nmap and its OS detection code to (more or less) detect the target OS family/version. It is based specific ACK/SEQ patterns. For example: map -O -v <target>


I got help from Spiceworks community and fixed this issue. It is because the previous firmware were not stable. The issue was resolved after I updated it to the latest firmware. If you are interested, you may refer to the post here.

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