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can I put PowerCLI "code" (Cmdlets, etc.) inside a PS1 file, along with other PowerShell code, and execute it like a normal PS1? Yes. But if you want it to work as expected (as when you use the PowerCLI console) you'll need to initialize the environment. You can see how this is done by examining the shortcut "VMware vSphere PowerCLI.lnk", the target ...


The simplest thing [from this AD admin's viewpoint at least] is the following: On your DCs running DNS, Configure a DNS Server to Use Forwarders. Throw Google's DNS addresses in there if you like their service. Get an AD-integrated DHCP server running, see Integrating DHCP with DNS. DNS dynamic updates can be configured to allow non-domain devices to ...


I would add this as a comment as well, but I don't yet have a high enough rep. The dhcptest windows utility will send a discover packet and display responses, as you describe.


The keyword you are looking for is "metric". It basically specifies how "preferred" a particular route is. The comment at the end of this article explains how to set it up on Debian based systems: https://singpolyma.net/2012/08/how-to-force-the-default-route-to-always-use-a-specific-interface-on-ubuntu/ The article has some info on how to customise ...


As far as I'm aware, this is simply not possible within an Amazon VPC, as they use DHCP for all of their IP assignments within a VPC subnet, static IP addresses are assigned by using Elastic Network Interfaces, which work in the same way as a DHCP reservation. Amazon Support will be able to confirm this though, so I'd suggest you contact them. Your ...


It's not as simple as that. A secondary protocol may be required but for the most part it requires constant network vigilance. Something similar to what is mentioned by the following. https://infoexpress.com/content/practical/142 A program/script I was saw basically looked at/monitored all systems on the network and basically looked for performance ...


Works for me for years. Both servers in a failover set are updating the master (why anyone of them should even try to update the slave ?). Master is replicating to the slave.

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