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I have the same problem, using systemrescuecd, which is a livecd. I had to symlink /root/.cache/duplicity to a tempdir on a mounted harddrive as a solution.


I'm assuming you have a separate server { block for this port...so you'd just protect the / directory from within that server block: location / { auth_basic "Restricted Area"; auth_basic_user_file conf/htpasswd; } So: server { listen 8081; server_name whateveryouwant; root /path/to/root/folder; location / { auth_basic ...


In my experience, <Directories> match anything in a directory or subdirectory. I've not done this before, but this would seem correct behavior to me. Why not try fold the 2 Directory entries into 1 and add SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI ".html" accept

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