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It depends. This is a fairly poor format for such a question, and we have no idea on the aspects of your environment that guide such decisions. To cram an answer in before it's closed, consider tools native to rh/centos, such as: Freeipa/idm for auth/dns Spacewalk/satellite for patch management & deployment I'm fairly sure this question will be ...


Just to clarify, this is a question about BigFix relevance, not BigFix ActionScript. I will say, that although BigFix relevance has a bit of a learning curve and makes the source of the complexity hard to figure out sometimes, the issues you are experiencing have more to do with the complexities of how files can have many different types of version ...


Just in case someone needs it, firstly tell apache to treat your php files as text files by dropping the following directive in the the directory you want: AddType text/plain .php Then in all subdirectories under it, turn them back to scripts: AddType application/x-httpd-php .php This should work if the lines are in .htaccess files or <Directory> ...


Figured it out. If you do a separate apache virtualhost and set the server name to be the sub-folder, it will redirect all traffic through that virtual host. ServerName DocumentRoot /home/user/public_html/forum

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