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With / in front of the directory, you need to use full path from the root of the server. For example: root /var/www/test/a/; Without the /, it will use the path specified during compile time with the --prefix option for the prefix for the root directive. You should also use alias directive inside location blocks, that doesn't cause issues with location ...


Using %%d allows md to make directories with spaces. for /F "tokens=1 delims=," %%d IN (folderlist.txt) DO md "%%d"


Probably you have project moved from apache-2.2 to apache-2.4. Since v2.2 some changes have been introduced to the config files syntax, especially with access definitions. While apache before 2.4 have had the next syntax Order allow,deny Allow from all the 2.4+ versions have the next syntax Require all granted Please read carefully notices about ...


The usual reason I've seen for this problem is that you create the files so they are owned by you (the user that you are logged in as). You can access the files locally because you own them. When you try to access them remotely, they are accessed by user "apache" or whatever user your web server runs as. Change the permissions so that the web server can ...

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