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Well, if the folder /usr/share/nginx/html didn't exist, where did you put the error file then? Nginx serves files from whatever folder you like, you just have to tell it which one. That's why you use the root directive. So, either create the folder /usr/share/nginx/html and put the file there or put it to e.g. /what/ever/folder and change your configuration ...


After talking to a colleague of mine she made me change the way I was handling the issue. What I wanted was to show a maintenance page, whenever I need to stop/restart the django project so that it won't show a 404 Not Found, because it should a 503 Service temporally unavailable. So the way I'm currently doing this is by adding the following code: ...


I added the hostname of my new server to the ALLOWED_HOSTS in and


If this isn't you, then it must be somebody else... It's common for the web to have Bots, Spiders and Crawlers. Check your log files for the IP to see where the request is coming from. These crawlers usually just use "common" URL paths in the hope that you're using them. If they are just crawling you, then that is not an immediate security threat. But if ...

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