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A solution to my problem is to have the SRS_EXCLUDE_DOMAINS setting of PostSRSD contain all the domains from which I send mail. I already tried this before, even before posting this question, but after having defined this setting PostSRSD would not start anymore, so I hoped there was a different solution. Apparently PostSRSD has a bug regarding this setting ...


For your concept here the ideal workflow External email receive by postfix OpenDKIM verifies the DKIM signature, if exists Postfix rewrite From: header so it comes from your domain that you controlled, for example example.com OpenDKIM re-sign DKIM into rewritten email (and remove the original DKIM signature if exists). Postfix deliver it into aliases ...


You have to setup a TXT record for dkim._domainkey.gamerbasecamp.com, while you are doing test from dkim._domainkey.gamerbasecamp.info.

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