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Servers on this platform have specific DIMM population guidelines. But most of those won't matter except that you're probably using 2GB UDIMMs and that you may only have one processor installed. If these are UDIMMs, you are allowed to fill two slots per DIMM channel. You mentioned that half of the DIMM slots were initially empty. If you only have one CPU, ...


It is running RAID5 or 6 (dont remember) You might want to confirm that before you go any further. Now, can I just buy a new harddrive and take the faulty out and put the new in while the server is running, and will it automaticlly rebuild? No need for entering the RAID configuration? Use the Array Configuration Utility to look at the array ...


A few quick things... Does the Smart Array P410 controller in your system have a battery-packed or flash-backed cache unit? If not, you will want to add one in order to have acceptable write performance (and possibly allow expansion of the drive array). Are you doing this as a complete rebuild of the server, or are you looking to expand in-place? I'd ...


I always use RAID10 in iSCSI setup especially for virtualization. To me it's the ideal balance between performance and reliability. And on top of it, it's much faster to rebuild a failed disk than in RAID 5 configuration. Especially with slowish 1TB drives.


You should be able to just hot-swap the drives. The p410 should automatically start the rebuild the array. During the rebuild, performance will be degraded until the rebuild is complete. Assuming RAID5, if a second drive fails during the rebuild, you will most likely be restoring from backups.


My default answer to any of these questions is always RAID 10, unless there's very special circumstances anyway. It's a great balance of performance and resilience, that said trying to get the best performance out of big slow consumer drives always strikes me as an odd choice - it's a bit like entering the Indy 500 in a tricked out Honda Civic, it'll start ...

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