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Ok found my solution with help of the first answer to this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1010808/ssh-tunnelling-chain#1122282 If I build this tunnel chains in ssh-config I can then use ssh -TD 8080 webserver and build a dynamic tunnel. Then I just have to add as socks5 proxy in Firefox and be happy.


I didn't know that you could daisy chain ssh tunnels but I just tried it out & it works just fine. This is my test environment (HearNoEvil) Browser (SeeNoEvil) Piggy in the middle (SpeakNoEvil) Server Daisy chains looks like this Tunnel <-> ...


Ok I found out I can make virtual servers or virtual aplications on some routers. Mine was a Virtual Server. I Only had to specify the ongoing IP with a specific port to be routed to another IP on another port.


That sounds fairly straightforward. Create a zone on your bind server for ldap.office.org and add the 6 IPs as @ records. If you can get the cooperation of the other admin, they could create an ldap.office.org zone and allow you to zone-transfer from their authoritative server (so that you don't have to keep your copy of the zone manually synchronized).

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