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This email came from outside your server, from the indicated IP address. Postfix is configured to pass it to Amavis for virus scanning, and when that is complete, Amavis passes it back to Postfix for delivery. This is why there are two localhost Received: lines. One is added by Amavis when it processes the message, and the other one when Postfix re-accepts ...


Go on site like mxtoolbox/dnsstuff or similar to check where you are still listed and ask to be delisted. Most of the time the only recovery possible is to wait a 24/48h period, as when your site will be clean you will be delisted automaticly.


First your smtpd_sasl_path is both wrong and wrongly specified. In dovecot.conf you set it to /var/spool/postfix/private/auth so in Postfix that should be smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth (not .../dovecot-auth). Notice how this is a relative path, relative to Postfix's chroot dir. Restart Postfix and the SASL errors should be gone. Second, it looks like you ...


Yes ,its find only domain name not FQDN, but when you setup email,account on thunderbird , thunderbird find only domain name then you can setup manual with FQDN "" incoming and outgoing both.

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