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In the end I hit F2. The disk was working but it seemed more than stupid to keep our services reliant on the drive, much to the directors' wishes. I've sent the drive off for recovery and it looks like bad blocks are all over the thing. They're in the middle of recovering the data but it's looking like Monday before we get it back and I dread to think how ...


Look at the lights on the drive... Are they amber? Why do you think the drive failed? If the drive failed, why is the server off (or why was it powered off)? I'm sorry the drive is not in a RAID, but seeing that also indicates that your server/RAID controller firmware and ESXi installation are likely outdated. There are older Smart Array firmware ...


hum not a fun problem. This could be a raid card problem ... try to start without repair (f1) if its okey just change the drive. you can change it "online" .

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