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You are troubleshooting two operating systems who are both out support, and you're using consumer gear for your networking. It's impossible to tell you where the fault lies. That being said - I've come across many D-Link switches when cleaning up networks and they all share the same fate (a trash can). Their products are simply put crap, and yes - I've ...


The solution I ended up using was preloading the certificates that were used to digitally sign the driver. If those certificates are in the computers certificate store then the driver installation prompt will not be displayed.


The Optiplex 7010 has a new Intel chipset which requires Windows Kernel Mode Driver Framework v 1.11. Your NIC will not be detected properly unless the KMDF is patched during the initial deployment. (before reboot). I cannot recall if the Win PE 4 image has what you need or if your boot.wim would also need to be patched (You could always use a later ...

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