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What you set with ES_HEAP_SIZE is the Java heap size available to the program being run on the JVM. On top of that JVM has its own overhead, there's overhead from the GC (its data is not accounted for as Java heap) and each running thread needs memory for its stack (how many threads do you have and what's the stack size?). ElasticSearch probably doesn't use ...


Use jvisualvm to see heap consumption (and much more), it's the official debugging and profiling tool for java, installed by default with java. Attach it to the elasticsearch process, check that the -Xmx and -Xms flags have the right value and look at the graphs. It's very straightforward. The java process should have 4 GB of heap at all times because you ...


The issue is probably in the JVM and if you launch multiple instances of ES, look into it with Java Mission Control or jconsole This will give you an idea why it's consuming ...


There is an example IIS Logstash config in this article, might help you:

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