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I'm really surprised nobody on here did not realize you can have two 20amp PDUs running to different power then take a y cable plug into two different servers and plug into the first PDU then take another y cable plug into the second power supply of the two servers and run it to the second PDU. You now have redundancy and less power cord mess.


The following Dell Whitepaper goes in depth on the differences between the different power profiles: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/extras/m/white_papers/20248740 (page 20-36) Below you can find some relevant pieces of information mentioned in the whitepaper: Each profile simply enables/disables some BIOS features, the table below provides an ...


Computers draw very different amounts of power depending on whether they are idle or are under load. You could estimate the maximum power used by each of the components (CPU, motherboard, hard drives, graphics card, etc), but it's probably best just to measure it yourself.


The reason computer power supplies are rated for a maximum power consumption and do not state an exact current they will draw (unlike your hairdryer) is quite simply because power supplies are generic components and a server configuration is pretty dynamic (only CPU socket occupied or all, completely filled with power hungry 15k spinning disks or drive-less ...


I would get a Wattmeter and measure the actual power usage under max load. Modern wattmeters come with an array of functions, providing peak amp, average amp, total energy usage, etc. E.g. My machine has a 800W power supply, but it doesn't draw that much. I bought a meter when I decided to get a UPS. It turns out, powering my machine at idle load + one ...

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