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You could try the hard runtime limit in the group's advanced configuration.


Searching for "gpl vnxe download +site:emc.com" finds this clause in the release notes (ver 2.3.1, if that matters): Open Source Licenses GPL-licensed code is included herewith. If you would like a copy of any such GPL-licensed code, please send a written request to "EMC Legal, 176 South Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748, ATTN: Open Source Program ...


It looks like there is at least one vendor with a product that does this. (By the way, I found it by searching Google for `"AWS Storage Gateway" EMC VNX http://www.twinstrata.com/cloudarray-product-tour/ TwinStrata have recently been bought by EMC, so back to your EMC rep and ask them about CloudArray, to see if it's compatible with your existing ...


You can not currently do this with any of the EMC offerings. I imagine that if it ever gets supported, recoverpoint would have no problem sending a copy of local writes to an amazon instance, but I can't find anything indicating that this is supported, or has ever even been tried.


No. Amazon S3 is what you'd need to provide this replication, but it's not block-level like Amazon EBS is (which requires an instance to be attached to it). AWS would not work in your use case. Edit: I stand corrected. AWS Storage Gateway might work, but it troubles me that AWS didn't mention this product to you. Perhaps you need to do a bit of your own ...

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