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Maybe your admin dislikes NGINX Plusbecause it isn't open source and would accept another well maintained open source product. Then ask him to look at stunnel. It is designed for exactly your needs. Quoting an stunnel example at wikipedia (for SMTP, but this would fit alos for your needs): For example, one could use stunnel to provide a secure SSL ...


Consider the client/server relationship with regards to SMTP and the settings make sense: 2.1. Basic Structure The SMTP design can be pictured as: +----------+ +----------+ +------+ | | | | | User |<-->| | SMTP | | +------+ | Client- |Commands/...


When you attempt to boot from the drive and the TPM doesn't have the key, BitLocker will prompt you to enter the recovery key. You then look it up in Active Directory and type it in. If you hook up the drive as a secondary drive, then when you open it in Explorer, it will ask you for the recovery key.


AFAIK, BitLocker doesn't change the color to green for files and folders. What does change the color to green is EFS (Encrypting File System), which is not the same thing as BitLocker. I suspect that those folders and files have been encrypted with EFS.


Robocopy and xcopy do not encrypt their connections. You can, of course, run them over a VPN connection or something like that.


To encrypt your script and ensure no one gets to view it, you have two options: First Option Use the openssl command to manually encrypt it. And in the future, when you want to run the script, you'll have to run openssl manually again, and provide the password to decrypt. Encryption with openssl: cat | openssl aes-128-cbc -a -salt -k ...

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