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Any network segment that you don't fully control can be considered as a public network, so if you would encrypt traffic over a regular public network, do it for your case as well. NB: With full control I mean that you have full and sole control over any network devices that are part of the connection, so a port on e.g. a router or switch you don't own ...


Really, this is a non-issue. Copy the data on media of appropriate size, if ncessary encrypted, make a checksum, package it appropriately (depending on the media used, e.g. an optical disc doesn't need ESD shielding), ship it, decrypt and restore it, check with the checksum and you are done. If the checksum fails, rinse and repeat, with better packaging ...


The easiest way to do what you want it probably to make use of the Encrypted File Sharing option present for EFS-encrypted files. You can enable EFS file sharing in an encrypted file’s advanced properties, which you can access from the Advanced button on the General tab of a file’s properties. Before you can share an encrypted file, the file must ...


Freebsd has a kernel module, pefs, that can perform filesystem (directory) encryption. http://www.bsdnow.tv/tutorials/pefs has a tutorial on encrypting a user's home directory and tying that to PAM at login.


No, ZFS on Linux doesn't support native encryption. Another option is encryptfs, but at this juncture, you're not going to find a native solution.


You use geli setkey. To change from an existing key + phrase to a new key + phrase, you need to specify both the old and the new pair, like so: $ geli setkey -v -k /boot/old.key -K /boot/new.key /dev/md9 Enter passphrase: oldphrase Enter new passphrase: newphrase Reenter new passphrase: newphrase Decrypted Master Key 0. Note, that the master key encrypted ...


I had the same problem and finally solved The problem seems to be in update-initramfs that doesn't generate the initrd properly. "evms_activate not found" means that the /sbin/evms_activate file is not created inside the initrd file by update-initramfs So, my workaround consists in unpacking the not working initrd, and copy the evms_activate executable ...

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