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You can grep hosts in seastat -d entX (where entX is SEA device). You need enable accounting to collect SEA stats Check if accounting is enabled on SEA: lsdev -dev entX –attr accounting Enable: chdev -dev entX -attr accounting=enabled


The fact that dhclient was able to assign an IP address to veth0 indicates the separate MAC address is working as intended. How did you "Scan the network"? A better test would be this: from the second host, sniff the packets (I'm old-school and use "tcpdump -e icmp". Then from this above host, ping via each interface (ping -I lets you do this), and look at ...


Link aggregation can occur between a device and 2 or more Cisco switches as long as they're in a stack or on cores using VSS for example. Usually, a good rule of thumb is if there is just one mgmt interface controlling a stack of switches, then it will have one mac-address-table upon which Etherchannel or LACP can be used to track the IPs and MACs that are ...

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