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Why do you manually delete your database before a restore? This isn't the proper way to perform a restore; the proper way is to set the flag "this database can be overwritten by a restore" on the DB, then dismount it and perform the restore whitout stopping any Exchange services; then, after the restore is completed, mount the database. That said, deleting ...


Check that registry key on your Exchange Server: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Excdo\Parameters Name: FBPublishMonth Value type: DWORD Value data: The period, in months, for which you want to publish Free/Busy information There is a know error for that, check KB917687. You configure the published Free/Busy information for a mailbox to be ...


I know this is an old question, but to convert public folders to a mailbox, you would simply click on All Folders in Outlook, click the top-level public folder and then export that folder to a PST, ensuring you have checked to include all subfolders. Then once exported you would import into the shared mailbox you have set up. I understand the need for this ...


This is a common issue with Outlook 2007 and later (I suppose you use one of these versions, because Outlook 2003 doesn't have these problems). It requires a default gateway to be set. Try the registry fix or use the "Fix it" from MS, I'd say.

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