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It's been a while since I used SBS 2003, but I believe if you demote it, you will still be violating the licence (because it's not a DC and doesn't hold the FSMOs), and therefore you will still have the issue of the server trying to shut itself down. Best recommendation would be to install Exchange server elsewhere and migrate mailboxes and public folders to ...


Get the IP of the server (talk with the hosting provider, etc.) Create a DNS A record pointing mail.example.com to the IP you got in step #1. Create your MX record. To directly address your point about being able to get the MX record by issuing a DNS query from the server itself, that is not a reliable method to get this information.


You can do this centrally by creating Contacts for the external recipients in AD and then configuring the forwarding to these Contacts on the relevant user objects in AD.

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