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You cannot really install Exchange 2010 and then not have it used, as Exchange doesn't work like that. Therefore I would check the Exchange 2010 server is configured correctly. Enable anonymous authentication on the Default Receive Connector and restart the MS Exchange Transport service. It isn't clear from your error whether Exchange directly answers the ...


I believe your question is related to indexing, causing the search to return no results. Please review this MS link to see if you can enable the indexing for the OST file Outlook search returns No matches found It has information on how to review the index, and how these are build


Is this a new setup? or it once worked on those other mailbox servers before? You want to make sure your IIS is configured properly on those other servers as well. Please compare the settings to the front working server vs the non-working servers. Activesync with iPhone might have some authentication setting considerations You can use this to see where it's ...

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