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First of all, you should upgrade your Exchange Server to a newer version, that probably already helps a lot. Second thing, you should make sure that you don't have more items in a folder than the recommended limit. The limits are: Exchange 2000/2003: 5,000 Exchange 2007: 20,000 Exchange 2010: 100,000 Source If you are over this limit, you should move ...


Okay, I finally found out the problem after the last investigation, you should not change the domain name in the default address strategy. If you did that like I did long ago, you must revert to the domain that was originally set when exchange was first installed. If you already did install a newer Exchange, you have to do that on the new server because the ...


It seems Gmail doesn't officially support IMAP, but POP only. See following related articles and topics: Centralize mail from different accounts with Mail Fetcher Problem using gmail for POP3 with SSL port 995/993 to access mail on school Microsoft Exchange Server I can't get gmail to check my microsoft exchange account at work.

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