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Exchange Server 2007 is the version of Microsoft Exchange released in December 2006. It replaced Exchange Server 2003 and was replaced by Exchange Server 2010. Exchange Server is the email server product developed by Microsoft, and (most notably), integrates calendaring and contact management software with its email functionality.

Notable new features and changes in Exchange 2007 include:

  • Exchange Server 2007 only runs on 64 bit versions of Windows Server. (A 32 bit version is available for testing and evaluation, but is not supported in production.)
  • Improved Administrator Experience
    • Role separation, simplified routing, Exchange Management Shell (based on Windows PowerShell).
  • "Unified Messaging"
    • Allows users receive voice mail, e-mail, and faxes in their mailboxes, and allows mailboxes access from cell phones and other wireless devices. Voice commands can be used to interface with mailbox, such as listening to e-mail over the phone or sending simple messages.
  • Increased database size limit
    • Database size is now limited to 16TB per database, and maximum number of storage groups and mail databases per server is increased as well (specifics are edition-dependent)
    • Outlook Anywhere (formerly known as RPC over HTTP)
    • Provides external access to the Exchange Server, making it available to user even when not connected to the corporate network or VPN.

More information is available at the Exchange Server Wikipedia page.

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