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Introducing Exchange 2013 into an Exchange 2007 environment can be a challenging task. Moreover, have a look on this step by step guide for the migration and co-existence of Exchange 2010/2007 to Exchange 2013: http://silbers.net/blog/2014/01/22/exchange-20072013-coexistence-urls/ Check out this earlier discussed thread which might be helps you to get this ...


Assuming that your printers are using a DNS name as their SMTP target then yes, Updating that DNS entry to point to your new server will work. You will need to make sure your new server is setup to accept mail from these printers. (ie. Printers should authenticate to the server, or your server needs to accept anonymous connections.) You should test this ...


Looks like I fixed this last week when I was looking at msExchUseOAB or msExchQueryBaseDN. I didn't know it, because the other admin I was working with, was seeing his AL when we were testing her account.

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