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Add the option "RPC-over-HTTP" via the Windows Features in Add/Remove Programs Enable Outlook Anywhere (that is not the same as just having OWA available) Make sure you import a SSL certificate in the IIS website from a trusted authority, so NOT a self-signed one. The FQDN in the certificate should be that of your public FQDN (not that of the local ...


The EDB and STM are closely connected. So you need to restore not only the stm, but also edb and log files. I would suggest to create a Recovery storage group, then mount the database in this group and merge all the mailboxes. This must restore all your lost data. But make a test before this with a couple of mailboxes. Unfortunately i am not a pro, so i ...


Getting to the bottom of this took quite a bit of time and involved some conversations with our Microsoft rep. While there is an option to enable both cert-based auth and NTLM, it would require some bubble capacity because we would need one CAS cluster to handle requests authenticating with NTLM and another to handle the requests using cert-based auth. It's ...


For some reason there was a Distribution Group that had this email address as it's primary SMTP address and when I disabled that group the mail flow resumed as normal.

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