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You just have to add a Where-Object (abbreviated to ?) after Get-Message to select the messages you want to remove. Get-ExchangeServer | ` ?{$_.IsHubTransportServer -eq $true} | ` Get-Queue | ` get-message | ` ? {$_.sender -eq 'Vinc@somedomain.uhoh'} | ` Remove-Message -withNDR $false


When you relearn SpamAssassin that a message should be spam it should flip the message over from ham to spam or spam to ham. The problem is that SpamAssassin learns about the message on your relay host, but when it is forwarded to your Exchange server the headers have changes since an addition Received line was added. You could give it a try by adding the ...


Okay, so you're saying that your mail exchange server is doing a reverse DNS check and rejecting the email because that fails, right? I recently had a problem where I was sending emails out via PHP and sendmail and the emails were going in the spambox due to reverse DNS failure as well. For me, the solution was setting a SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record ...


Yes you can have multiple A Records that point to the same Public IP address and internal server. That is quite normal. The way to look at it is: Your exchange server runs both the autodiscover & the mail service so you can indeed have both pointing to the same exchange server.

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