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Yes, it is possible. But the only good way that I can think of to do it using Active Directory is to modify the AD schema. Modifying the AD schema is one of those things that administrators shy away from doing because one, it is basically irreversible (by "irreversible" I mean without an authoritative restore) and two, making irreversible changes to a ...


I have positive experience with MigrationWiz You can do Mailbox migration Public Folder migration Document migration with it.


Imo it is deffo connected to SSL/TLS. I have exactly the same issue - Windows Server 2003 SMTP service fails to receive some emails over SSL/TLS. And has nothing to do with block lists/ips/network issues/etc. Btw, registration confirmation from serverfault was delivered ok - Protocol: TLS (SSL 3.1) Cipher: RC4 Cipher strength: 128 MAC: SHA ...

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