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Set local_part_suffix = +* : -* local_part_suffix_optional in your exim.conf Doc link unix.se question


DNS settings: set up so-called reverse record that bind your IP-address with some domain, f.e. thedilldesign.com. Usually you can do it via VPS management panel set MX records for all your domains to the same value - thedilldesign.com set SPF records for all your domains to confirm that thedilldesign.com is legal submitter for that domains EXIM settings ...


Thanks to @sebix for pointing me in the right direction. The resulting .forward file: # Exim filter if $original_local_part is robot then save /home/shelvacu/ruby/robotmail/ endif Note that the # Exim filter comment is important.


You have to use manualroute router that process messages that satisfy some condition(s). inner_mx: driver = manualroute condition = +local_domains route_data = no_more Make sure that this router is placed before all the rest routers to prevent usual processing/routing.


You are misunderstanding the minutia of lsearch*@. It means that the linear search may be done twice: the first time it searches the text file looking for the supplied text string. If it doesn't find anything, it then searches the text file looking for a single "*" catchall. That's not what you want. You want the wildcard to be expanded, so you want to ...

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