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I agree with Nitz, and if you got loopback processing for user setting that target computer, powershell or wmi can't guess that, a bit why the gpresult need the user logged on to list the actual policy.


You can use powershell group policy commandlets. You can get the users information using Get-ADUser. You can then follow this up by using Get-GPInheritance on the users OU. After this you can run Get-GPOReport on the resulting GPO's. I haven't tried this before, but it should be possible with the new commandlets. However this will be quite a bit of work ...


Group Policy: The user's policy isn't solely dependant on the user object - it can be affected by wmi filters, foreign domain groups or Authentication Mechanism Assurance, meaning your group membership is changed according to the way you provided your credentials. In short - the only 100% accurate way is actually logging in and checking GP results. You ...


The reason I could not export is due to not having permissions (Power User not Administrator).

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