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My two cents. I ve already got this issue. "In sequential script that have to run fast, the process do remove a lot of file" .. So the "rm" will make that script speed close to the IO wait/exec time. So to make thing quicker , I ve added another process (bash script) launched per cron.. like a garbage collector it remove all files in a particular ...


I don't know why one step is important. You can just plug in your new array, use dd to sync the FS into the new md device (like dd if=/dev/md1 of=/dev/md2 bs=4k (4k is important for speed) and then do e2fsck -f /dev/md2 && resize2fs /dev/md2. If you have RAID1, you can do it easier, BTW. You can remove one disk and replace with a bigger one. Then do ...


I assume you have RAID5. If yes, then my guess is that you can replace the disks one by one and let it rebuild on the new one, then see if you can extend it. One of the reasons why I would always use LVM.

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