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The paranoid in me, scarred by years of experience and not trusting of recent improvements, does not like the idea of a single large EXT4 volume for what sounds like unstructured file-serving. EXT4 is probably good enough for the task in recent kernels, but it still smells like an EXT filesystem. The failure-modes with those are not good and... I don't trust ...


Based on the output you provided, we can surely state that: You have the /dev/sda1 partition containing an EXT3 filesystem mounted under the /boot mountpoint of your current folder tree (so, everything you'll store under "/boot" will be stored in an EXT3 filesystem). It's safe to assume that this partition has been used to "boot" your system; You have the ...


Does you try to run e2fsck(or fsck)? It may help... Also I could recommend to check hardware status of your disks. Try to install smartmontools and check error log of your disk. You can use command for this: smartctl --all /dev/sdx And I am strongly recommend to made a backup before doing something.


Disk /dev/mapper/VolGroup-lv_home - 210 GB / 196 GiB [Proceed ] choose the default [None ] Non partitioned media if you choose : [Intel ] Intel/PC partition will lead in error that you describe

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