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All of these answers have some validity to them, but I think it really depends on what you are doing and what your budget is. Here at CloudfloorDNS, a large percentage of our business is DNS, and offering not only fast DNS, but low TTL options and DNS failover. We wouldn't be in business if this didn't work and work well. If you are a multinational ...


Our configuration is simple, crude even, but its effective for our purposes: all vSwitches (one for each VLAN) get all NICs. Each Host has four (4) NICs. The NICs are connected in pairs to two switches (Juniper EX4300s in our case). NICs 1 and 2 go to Switch A. NICs 3 and 4 go to Switch B. All switch ports have all the VLANs for that host (or rather all ...

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