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Of cause there is, that's what those services are doing as well. :-) It depends a bit how you're currently redirecting/distributing your users globally. Assuming that the results is effectively that some users are redirected from www.example.com to www.eu.example.com and others to www.oc.example.com respectively www.am.example.com. You could use your ...


None. Your approach is broken. You seem to be under the delusion that you can change the DNS like that. It does not work like this. Even if you set the TTL low, some providers will ignore it - and your old value will still be used. You effectively have no control over DNS expiration outside "within a day or two". Any high availability based on DNS changes ...


Works for me for years. Both servers in a failover set are updating the master (why anyone of them should even try to update the slave ?). Master is replicating to the slave.

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