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I've done L4 loadbalancing for clustered RabbitMQ with Stingray load balancers - it works well, and we have done RR without any particular issue. In the event that one Rabbit node goes down, TCP connections fail and the load balancer sends traffic to the other node. Now this is technically inefficient, as any record send to node A will be sent to node B ...


I would skip the load balancer if you are only following the master, use keepalived and a status check to see if self is master, if it's master then it will use the vip.


You can use auto-scaling with 'max instances' set to 1. If the only server fails, it'll be terminated and new server created in different or the same AZ, but only in the same region. If http healthcheck isn't enough then you can create a custom one. Make sure you have all necessary data on s3 or somewhere else and that you are deploying the data during ...

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