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The only way to have software load balancer with failover in Azure is to use Traffic Manager. You can set ACLs, so only Your own app can connect with DB on specified endpoint. Or You can configure failover in Your application - without load balancer, because You do not need load balancing (just failover).


HA is a fairly broad subject in terms of the particular entities you want to enable HA for. For example, web server, network gears, databases, etc. The general idea is to avoid single-point-of-failures. In your case, you want to enable HA on a web server and there are two approaches I could think of at the moment: Active/Active and Active/Passive (These two ...


For me, one of the most obvious solutions to doing HA over more than two hosts is Load Balancing, even though the name does not suggest HA. What kind of LB is most suitable for your use-case really depends on the type of client and app, but the three most common options. L7 load balancing. You have a proxy that understands the protocol used. There are many ...


You are confusing DNS and High Availability. Repeat after me: DNS is not failover. DNS is not failover. DNS is not failover. If you want to do high availability and load balancing, you need a reverse proxy that specialises in this. The most well known one is haproxy.


You might find what you are looking for here: http://blog.haproxy.com/2014/01/17/emulating-activepassing-application-clustering-with-haproxy/


Assigning the same IP address to the wireless and ethernet will NOT work (and may break things). A tunnel is your best bet. There's no native OS or 802.1/802.11 support for this sort of thing. Industry is working on seamless multi-mode roaming but it is not possible on stock networking stacks today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multipath_TCP There are ...


The keyword you are looking for is bonding see wikipedia. I'm not sure if macs have this. This stackoverflow article says no (in 2014) for wifi and ethernet, only for ethernet and ethernet.

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