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While this should be a non-issue on Fedoras earlier than 18, my Fedora 17 happened to get detected by some vulnerability scanner. You shouldn't update your SSL version by hand, since it would make your another packages, like httpd stop working due to incorrect ABI. What I did was rebuilding RPM packages without heartbeat support: $ yum groupinstall ...


/opt/publicftp is probably not labelled correctly. You should likely change this directories label to public_content_rw_t. semanage fcontext -a -t public_content_t '/opt/publicftp(/.*)?' restorecon -Rv /opt/publicftp Also looks like a possible bug in the SELinux policy. Create this file. policy_module(myftpd_t, 1.0.0) require { type ftpd_t; } ...


I'm assuming a Red Hat-based system, since you didn't specify (and it may be important): The quick fix would be to edit /etc/sysconfig/raid-check and set MAXCONCURRENT=1. This will cause all your RAID arrays to be checked sequentially. As for the algorithm, /usr/sbin/raid-check is just a shell script, and you can easily read it to see what it's doing.

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