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Fedora 8 was released on 8 November 2007 ext4 went stable on 21 October 2008 So no, it did not include ext4 support. I would say it's time to upgrade your system but honestly that time was 6 years ago already. :-)


Check when fedora 8 and ext4 came out and you'll understand. Ext4 support was experimental starting from fedora 9. It came being the default filesystem since fedora 11. Also note this is an 7 years old distribution and fedora technical support is limited to Fedora 20 and 21.


I'd use OpenVPN. Either put the VPS on the same OpenVPN instance you're using for remote access, or create a new OpenVPN server instance for VPSes. I do the latter to connect a slew of cheap test VPSes around the world back into my home network. The client export config archive option makes it easy to configure the VPS side.

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