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If you really need a quick way to transfer files, and both systems are Linux-based, you can try UDR. This is really a form of rsync-over-UDP (using the open-source UDT framework) and is particularly handy for moving large numbers of files or transferring over high-bandwidth or high-latency links. In addition, encryption is disabled by default, so the ...


If used in daemon mode without encryption, rsync can efficiently transfer large amount of small files. Give it another try using it in daemon mode.


In Windows 7 there is a ssh.exe Here is what worked for me: 1. create identity (on windows) c:\>ssh-keygen That created an identity file in the home directory. I changed the name of the public key to "id_rsa" 2. copy the file to the target linux system using the ssh Credits to http://serverfault.com/users/984/zoredache for his answer c:\>ssh ...

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