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Your solution might work but the best method (IMHO) to handle this kind of problem is to create a central user database, be it with NIS/YP, LDAP/AD or some other method. You could then create groups for sharing that are automatically synced on all affected servers.


The destination status says that it's quiescing, meaning that it's trying to stop the transfer cleanly... It has clearly been like this for quite a while, unless you recently tried to quiesce the transfer. First I would try to create a new transfer with dummy volumes and see if you can get a new one to transfer correctly, that'll help troubleshoot some......


Do the snapshots need to be triggered manually? You might be able to schedule them to start simultaneously via Data Ontap's administrator interface if that's acceptable in your scenario. There are hardware platform specific limitations on the number of simultaneous transfers that a given filer model can support. These are detailed in the Data ONTAP Data ...

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