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Based on your debug ouput Your source IP is But your eth0/1 is 10.11/24 so there's no zone match for the policy. You'll need to adjust your eth0/1 vlan to accomodate the zone properly.


After hours of troubleshooting, I finally identified the culprit. I had a transposed a number in the IP address of my mailserver. (In the ScreenOS address list) My firewall rules were using the named address entry, so that explains why they wouldn't work, even when the rules were correct. Rather embarassing, but I did want to post the solution in case ...


The parameter logpath should be set to a path for a log file where the SSH attempts are going to be recorded in. So if that's /var/log/messages, then /var/log/secure is obviously incorrect. Change the logpath parameter to be the correct file.


You should specify the port when connecting from your home computer. Most FTP clients including Filezilla will attempt to connect on the default port 21 (FTP) and 22 (SFTP).

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