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I can't seem to find a clear, concise Microsoft reference for this, so please excuse the third-party reference. In Windows 2000, the %HOMESHARE% environment variable is the fully qualified path to your server based profile, \\ServerName\ShareName\Folder1\Folder2\HomeFolder. %HOMEPATH% contains a final backslash, for compatibility with previous systems. ...


I had a similar issue with Personal and Desktop special folders redirected on Windows 7 workstation in Active Directory to a Samba 3.6 share on a CentOS Linux server. Every time a user logged in or opened a Recycle Bin icon on a desktop he got multiple messages like "The Recycle Bin on H:\ is corrupted. do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?". ...


This is probably the wrong way to do this (as in, you probably want to use the file server migration tool or handle this through Group Policy, or get DFS replication working), but if you insist on using robocopy, you want the /zb switch. /ZB : Use restartable mode; if access denied use Backup mode.

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