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My suggestion would be pkg_cutleaves (available in the ports collection), or pkg-orphan -- Both of these do the same basic thing (list packages that aren't referred to as a dependency by any other package, and ask you what to do). I wouldn't bother though: The build dependencies will just have to be rebuilt and reinstalled when you upgrade the port, and ...


No upgrades are "mandatory" -- If the port version you're using works, no dependencies require the newer version, and there are no security holes you don't need to upgrade anything. If you're asking about mandatory changes (e.g. new configuration files) as a result of a port upgrade, UPDATING is the right place to look, and there's also often something in ...


The best option (IMHO) is to set all the options at the very start. You can do this by running make config-recursive.


Just add BATCH=1 to /etc/make.conf.


I don't think 4.7 is supported by the current ports tree. You might be able to edit /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.gcc.mk to have a value for GCCVERSION. But considering 4.x had gcc 2.95 its likely that you will have trouble compiling unless you first upgrade gcc. Another options is to forget ports and just compile the program by hand. You can use the port Makefile ...

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