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I think you're looking for /etc/make.conf.


This is because you will be running the Linux version, and currently the Linux "emulator" for FreeBSD currently only supports 32bit Linux. (I put "emulator" in quotes because it's not really an emulator, it's really just a syscall translator. And there's work to add 64bit Linux support going on, but until then only 32bit Linux binaries can be run.) ...


Set for example: DEFAULT_VERSIONS= perl5=5.18 ruby=2.0 in your /etc/make.conf This information is taken from /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.default-versions.mk # $FreeBSD: head/Mk/bsd.default-versions.mk 345909 2014-02-25 00:32:09Z gerald $ # # MAINTAINER: ports@FreeBSD.org # # Provide default versions for ports with multiple versions selectable # by the user. # ...


I think you did it correctly, probably it's working and you don't know it. By default, the getent for all the users don't show the IDs, but doing a getent passwd username returns what you expecting. Check again


Looks like p5-DBD-mysql was the one at "fault": [root@alexus /usr/ports/databases/percona-toolkit]# pkg install p5-DBD-mysql Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up-to-date. All repositories are up-to-date. Checking integrity... done (1 conflicting) Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting) The following 4 packages will be ...


There's no way to automatically override the IGNORE directive in the Makefile, you can however edit the Makefile manually and remove the IGNORE directive (it's lines 24-26 of the Makefile). It would be a license conflict for FreeBSD to distribute the port this way, but since you've already accepted the terms of the license you don't need to manually accept ...


TLDR: svn co svn://svn.freebsd.org/ports/head /usr/ports I'm guessing you just deleted the actual port tree directory. In that case, you'll need to use svn to retrieve the relevant section of the ports tree from the central FreeBSD repository. This primer will help you achieve that, most relevant to you is probably the "Partial Checkout" sections. If that's ...

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