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No, there isn't. You know that it's trivial for people to change their MAC addresses, correct? Additionally, the instant a packet passes through a later 3 routing device, the Mac address information of the source machine is lost. So even if you did want to do something like this, it would only ever work for clients that are on the same L2 LAN as your ...


I had a very similar config on linux which also didn't work. For me editing apcupsd.conf by changing the line DEVICE /dev/ugen4.2 to simply DEVICE got it working. Seems if you're connecting over USB it can work it out and doesn't need to be told which device to use.


The idea of sync writes is really a good idea for boot disks, which are key to virtualization. You want to wait for an acknowledgement. Speed is not an issue at boot, durability should be. When you need performance, go to something speedier. Performance and reliability are always a tradeoff. On of my pet peeves is when people want really speedy VM ...


NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM projects FAULTED 0 0 1 gptid/49d49544-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 0 gptid/49f3c886-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 2 gptid/4a1052aa-5a47-11e2-b516-00259095142c ONLINE 0 0 ...

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