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Assuming you're using ethernet as your medium. There are no other speed standards for ethernet switches. You have 1gb and 10gb as your options. You could get some blade chassis and do interesting things with the interconnects to get specific speeds, or go fiber with 4/8/16gb connections, or go direct SAS connections (3/6/12gbs) but, as you noted, support for ...


Have you considered bonding multiple 1Gb connections? FreeNAS supports FreeBSD lagg groups. If you've got a managed switch at the other end it's likely you'll be able to configure it to support LACP trunks.


please be aware that local groups and Active directory groups are different. Local groups/users only make sense if you don't have a directory in your organization. In my scenarios, I manage ALL the groups in Active Directory, that is, user creation, group creation and group membership (who is a member), as the organization users exist in there. To ...

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