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Passthrough of storage controllers is a tenuous solution at best. It's definitely been done... I did it when I thought there would be dear advantages to it. See: Hosting a ZFS server as a virtual guest But you're suffering from limited compatibility of motherboards/controllers, suboptimal performance characteristics, and in your case, a chicken-and-egg ...


If you've already tested the components on the local site and know you can get better performance, you might check your uplink, either on the current site's firewall or router. You might be running into bottleneck issues locally?


21GB out of ~6TB available => <1% Freespace. ZFS recommends 20% freespace for RAIDZ, and at least 10% is mostly mandatory for any reasonable performance. You need to free up some space or expand the size of the array. Side nodes: SATA drives need to be scrubbed weekly if you expect to detect array failures before you get into likely data-loss ...


@Soliginis: I have read of several instances where hardware raid (raid specific) data was present on drives while zRAID was setup. Such setup is not recommended since it will cause a lot of grief with zRAID especially since you will be having two RAID systems compete for the disks. As @StrangeWill: stated above will also limit the functionality of your zRAID ...

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