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You may have more success with UUIDs with external drives (as drive namings such as sdb1 are not permanent for external drives); To find the UUID of the drive in question, execute ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/, then replace the line in /etc/fstab which you had previously to use the appropriate UUID, eg: UUID=ABCDEF0123456789 ...


Both. When you mount some device to /foo, then the files on the new device appear, and the ones on the original device are hidden. If you unmount /foo, then the original files will reappear.


I can't really explain the behaviour you're experiencing, but AWS themselves are recommending that you should not use fstab entries but instead make use of RC init scripts. See quote below from Cindy@AWS. This forum post is pretty old though and is not really an answer to the same issue you have, but maybe doing it this way will solve your issue as well. ...

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