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If it's available or can be installed, take a look at netcat. You could do something like this. On the server run: nc -l 31415 On the client run: nc -w 5400 <server> 31415 You can change the port number to anything you like, just make sure you can reach it from where you are testing. A timeout of 90 minutes (-w 5400) is set in the example ...


In case others are trying to perform this task, the following information can be found within the DTD for the domain (glassfish/lib/dtds/sun-domain_1_3.dtd): ssl3-tls-ciphers A comma-separated list of the SSL3 ciphers used, with the prefix + to enable or - to disable, for example +SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5. Allowed SSL3/TLS values are those ...

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