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Your slaves became out of sync because GlusterFS Geo-Replication is not meant for multiple changing data pool (distributed FS), rather for disaster recovery (read-only backup). In short, geo-replication is a master/slave model, where only the master site pushes writes/changes, and any changes is periodically synched to the remote read-only slave. To have a ...


If you are not using RPM packages it is possible you are experiencing this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1191176 The names of volfiles on disk was changed for improved rdma support. This change was introduced in 3.6.2. stop glusterd, run glusterd --xlator-option *.upgrade=on -N to regenerate the volfiles, start glusterd (on all ...


Gluster is terrible at large numbers of small files. At least, as of version 3.6. They claim that the beta version of 3.7 that's already been released greatly improves this issue. I'd think that this version will be released as stable soon, since the Beta was released on April 28th, and they planned on the stable version being released earlier this month.


I agree that this is insane: security is an add-on to glusterfs. As pointed out by @ceejayoz, glusterfs is designed to only be run on a physically secured and isolated network. Fortunately, glusterfs has added on ssl support, which is sadly almost completely undocumented. Presumably using ssl will make things better, although since it's undocumented it's ...

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