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TL,DR: It's safe, 3rd party cannot join an existing cluster on it's own, it needs to be invited from within. There was no questions asked. I did nothing to tell server2 to allow server1 to add it to the cluster. I had this question myself so I went to take a look at the documentation. When you are creating a new cluster, you start on one server and ...


You enable direct-io-mode by"mount -t glusterfs XXX:/testvol -o direct-io-mode=enable mountpoint"??If so, the file was not cached in GlusterFS client kernel,in other words,the cache is system cache.But,the file was cached in GlusterFS server kernel.


You need to add an action in the end of command: commit or force E.g: sudo gluster volume replace-brick vol2 /home/data/bricks/brick1/brick1 /bricks/project/brick1 commit


Heartbeat of a load balancer shouldn't be used or wanted in this case. Yes, you are mounting using a single IP or hostname from a client (via the mount command or via autofs), but that's ONLY during the mount process. After this, Gluster is handled via FUSE on the client side, and is aware of (and connected to) all storage nodes. You're certainly not failing ...

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