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CNAME is not valid as the top entry (at the zone apex) of a domain. foo.example.com can be a CNAME and typically work as expected, but example.com (also called the "naked domain") cannot. A CNAME masks all of the other records, by definition, and is invalid in conjunction with other records. Your DNS hosting provider is technically broken if they are ...


Unfortunately, it is a known issue, please see GAE issue 11234. Possible workarounds: export GAE logs to BigQuery or Cloud Storage for outbound log processing and analysis push application usage information to Google Analytics via Measurement Protocol


There aren't any Google-provided tools which do this. It would be possible build your own Google-to-AD sync for almost everything except the Google Apps passwords. But if you do SSO that would be less of a problem. Check out Google Apps Manager, or the Google API Client Libraries. I think the dearth of such tools is because most companies still rely upon ...

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