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Have you attempted to use the alternate PS package instead of the existing PCL6 iteration? Judging by your screen shot, you're currently using the PCL6 V3 print driver made for windows 8/8.1 found here and depending on your environment you may want to be using the PS package. Depending on how your environment is set up, this may or may not apply. Are you ...


I receive a reply when sending a STUN packet to port 19302 on stun.l.google.com. Your telnet command gets no reply because it is not speaking STUN. It will attempt to open a TCP connection, which fails because STUN is running over UDP not TCP.


Just guessing: Are these local home directories or are the home directories on NFS or SAMBA shares? If you have so many users and machines, why not use a centrally managed system like privacyIDEA? Addition: Looking at the code ...


The search query is not there. For privacy Google redirects pages in such a way that the query is not passed on to web sites.

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