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The issue was resolved when we changed the Public IP from a different IP block. Looks like Google wasn't liking the IP anymore.


You can use either namebench or DNS Benchmark from GRC to do a test which DNS server is fastest from your location. I recommend you to use namebench instead of GRC's DNS Benchmark because GRC is tailored to the US. namebench on the other hand will scan your regional's dns server and it is normally the fastest dns server to choose from. I just tried it and ...


Google normally doesn't allow proxies to be used for searching as it may impact their search results, I have tried it on several occasions but the same result. This can be due to the reason that proxies may affect the ranking positions on SERP(s) or maybe they want that everybody should ...


@ceejayoz is right; they just do lookups for common DNS records including Google Apps records which we have. Found some documentation on this: Google domains will perform a DNS lookup to look up the resource records associated with the most common subdomains (@, www, blog, etc).

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